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Bigfoot Sightings in Fresno
Bigfoot sightings in Fresno? Believe, or don't believe, the choice is yours! However, there has lately been an increased number of incidents in the Fresno County area that seem to indicate that a large furry creature may indeed dwell among us in the mountain regions surrounding the beloved city of Fresno. This page is dedicated to providing the facts, so that you may decide for yourself, if a 'Bigfoot' does indeed roam the hills of the high sierras. If you have evidence, or even a story that makes you believe that Bigfoot is living here, please use the form below to share your experience with us. All information is welcome and will be fully investigated.

Bigfoot Sightings in Fresno CountyDate: Fri December 07 2012 Area: Sierra Mountains

Submitted by: Anonymous
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local group of Bigfoot enthusiasts says it has new evidence the creature exists in in our local Sierra Mountains. They say an imprint left on a pickup truck window over Memorial Day weekend is in fact that of a Bigfoot. A team of five from the Sanger Paranormal Society was camping in the mountains about 2 1/2 hours east of Fresno. They say they left the truck behind to quickly escape a snow storm. When they went back the next day they found the imprint and had it examined.
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Bigfoot Sightings in Fresno CountyDate: June 2012 Area: Sierra Range

Submitted by: Anonymous
Not quite sure how to type this, 9:00 p.m., stone sober, while driving, I saw up off to my right, illuminated only for a couple seconds, as I was towing downhill in a corner turn doing 15 mph what I believe to fit all descriptions of a bigfoot. But as I turned the corner I lost sight. What I saw with the time I had was half a stride --pause, look and turn and begin stride away. If it wasn’t a bigfoot then it was a slim bear striding around on his rear legs with all the dimensions of bigfoot, or maybe a 7 foot tall 400 pound x-football player playing with scaring people and he got me for a minute or two.
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Bigfoot Sightings in Fresno CountyDate: March 17, 2008 Area: Huntington Lake Road

Submitted by: Anonymous
Me and my dad and my brother was setting up our tent and was lighting up a fire. Then I went to get some wood for the fire and I saw very large thing in front of me about 20 feet. It had its back turned to me. I'm 5 ft 11 and this thing was a lot taller than me, I'd say about 6 ft 5. It was eating somthing, then it walked into the woods and i returned to camp.
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Bigfoot Sightings in Fresno CountyDate: Oct 21, 2005 Area: Shaver Lake

Submitted by: Anonymous
I quickly got up and ran around the bushes to the right. I stopped and looked and observed three large cinnamon/brown colored humanoid figures moving quickly through eight to ten foot spruce trees. The trees were swaying back and fourth as they ran through. This all happened in less than a minute. These large hairy figures were walking upright on two legs with their back sides toward me. I did not see their faces or the front of their bodies. They were all above eight foot tall, with shoulders about four foot across.
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Please share your bigfoot story with us. If you have evidence providing information about the existence of Bigfoot, or you have merely observed something unusual that you would like to report, please let us know! We are dedicated to researching any and all information that may lead to proof of the existence of Bigfoot in the Fresno area.



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