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Fun In Fresno
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Fresno Vacation Specials

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Fresno - Vacation Specials
Fresno is one of the biggest secret spots in all of California, and our tour guides are here to prove it! Let us show you just exactly how much fun you can have in the central valley of the Golden State. We only hire tour guides with extensive experience in the local geographic region, as well as providing the utmost in fun and entertainment. We have vacation packages available for every budget and lifestyle. Everything from nature hikes and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing, all the way to full blown nightlife action with clubs and casinos. If you haven't yet tasted Fresno County, now is the time to do it!

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Fresno Vacation Specials!Fresno Vacation Special!

Did you know that if you book a trip to Fresno that you will only be one hour away from Yosemite and the Sequoia National Forest? And then you can be at the beach in two hours! If you really want to vacation in California and see it all, make Fresno your stop. Centrally located, our local tour guides will show you California the way you've always dreamed it should be! With our exclusive Prime California Vacation Package, you can tour Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and Pismo Beach all in four days under just one vacation package!

Fresno Vacation Specials!Yosemite Vacation Special!

Yosemite is the most beautiful place on the planet! Majestic waterfalls, scenic mountains, and ancient trees make this place one of the most visited places in the world. Our Fun in Fresno local guides know all of the tourist spots as well as the 'secret' spots to show you! Click Here for more Info!

Fresno Vacation Specials!Sequoia National Park Vacation Special!

The Sequoia trees are the largest living organisms on Earth, and here you may indulge in a personal journey with nature. Seated in a dynamic park atmosphere with abundant wildlife, flowers, mountains, caves, and more, this is truly a place like no other. Climbers, hikers, outdoorsmen, and everyday people all find this place amazing. The giant trees have stood here for almost 4,000 years, welcoming all who enter this majestic forest. Our local guides know all of the best spots in the park... Let us show you!

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Fresno Vacation Specials!Pismo Beach Vacation Special!

If you like the beach in a country setting, then Pismo Beach is the place for you. With wide, sandy beaches, there's plenty of place to work on your tan, build a sand castle or dig for Pismo clams. The sand dunes are a fun place to ride an ATV or take a guided tour in a Hummer vehicle. Passenger vehicles can also drive on part the beach here. If you get tired of the beach, the San Luis Obispo wine country is nearby. Our local tour guides will show you Pismo Beach the way it should be seen!

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